Courtney Lorking who shows us the juggling act is real but worth it

Courtney Lorking who shows us the juggling act is real but worth it
We catch up with, author, mum lady and super star Courtney Lorking who shows us the juggling act is real but worth it.

Hey Courtney, we are excited to chat with you. Tell us your story! You are a mum, a boss babe, how did you get to this point?

Where do I even start! I am currently 23 living on the central coast NSW with Jordyn, my almost 3-year-old daughter and Lucifer, the 4-year-old dog. I became a single mum when my daughter was about 9 months old and since then we have created an independent woman household. We are all about supporting each other, we are even renovating our entire house together. Granted lucifer did nothing but get hair in the paint, but the support was appreciated. Sharing my story, and let's be honest struggles, of being a young single mum has been such an amazing experience on my social media. Being able to use my platform to share that us women can do anything we want to, has been incredible.


You wrote a book “Love Yourself First, Mumma…” what was your inspiration for this?

I having had mental health struggles since I was around 15, so it's a very big thing for me to make sure my head is okay before embarking on anything. Becoming a mum and then a single mum was a big change for me and I realised very quickly that if I'm not okay, then I'm doing a mega disservice to my daughter. Showing her to love herself started with me, and I wanted to share all the self-love goodness I have learned over the years but target mums because we all know mums are the ones who put everyone first. That’s how the book came about.


What is the craziest thing about being a mum?

The ability to operate and function on zero sleep and still get shit done. 


Body positivity has become a big thing recently especially through social media, and many women are working hard to normalise bodies that don't fit into the narrow mould of what is considered attractive. Why is this important in terms of helping women feel more comfortable in their skins?

Self-love starts with yourself and I feel a lot of people are trying to fit into a mould that doesn’t serve them. One thing I notice a lot is the way we dress, and how alot of people follow trends rather than wear things that are great for them and their body type. Everyone is beautiful and the best version of them is one where they are confident and happy. I think if we start there, there will be a huge shift in confidence in all body types and overall positive vibes.


What is your view on health and fitness?

My view has always been mental health-focused. I listen to my brain and do what it tells me to do, whether it's a walk along the beach or belting a boxing bag, or lifting some heavy weights, my only goal is to get endorphins pumping. The same goes for my eating habits, I eat what helps promote happy gut hormones because most of the serotonin (happy hormone) is made in the gut. I also never restrict myself and just eat mindfully. If I want pizza, I eat pizza. It's all about what makes me happy and makes me feel good. 


Let’s get to the nitty gritty now…. Vaginal health! How have your Tweaks helped in that department – moisture wicking, antibacterial materials etc.

Holy shitballs batman, I'm hella impressed. The first day I tried them it was stupid humid and I trained which I was like 'yes let's test these out in the worst (best) conditions' and I was DRY, and let's be real (sorry boys) no smell. I am so impressed. They also look really tiny but hold everything in. Also, couldn't feel them on and not in a yes that is my flap flapping in the wind kinda on, but they just fit so well on the body and work amazingly with leggings. Team no lines for days!


Your motto for a great life? 

Love yourself first. All-day every day. Because at the end of the day it's just me. I'm responsible for it all, so I better love myself and back myself. 

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