About The Founder

The story behind Tweak..

Founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2017, Tweak is a women's athletic underwear brand. Our thongs are designed for an active lifestyle, be it yoga, cross fit, pilates, running or any of your heart-pumping ambitions.


I love exercise. Exercise is my passion. 

I love the hard work and dedication it requires. I love the euphoric feeling that comes from being exhausted but energized at the same time. And I love the community that pursues fitness because we share a common bond: forging our minds and bodies through sweat.

What I didn’t love was the uncomfortable and ineffective athletic underwear available to women! The constant chafing, slipping, and moisture-control are all common issues affecting female athletes. Personally, I had tried every combination of cream and underwear possible to fix those problems, and nothing worked.

I was desperate for a solution and from a sudden brain wave, I found it during a 20-km run.

I was miserable from chafing and realized that the less material there was, the less chafing there would be. Thongs for women were minimalist but didn’t have the performance fabric and durable construction needed for an active lifestyle.

I decided to combine the most comfortable elements of my favorite thong with moisture-wicking fabric blends and created my first design.

My issues disappeared overnight and I was finally able to focus on my performance, not my discomfort.

Realizing I was on to something, I made several pairs and shared them with top cross fit athletes to get their feedback. For the next three months, they put my design through some of the world’s most intense workouts to test for comfort and durability. 

Every athlete reported back that Tweak had passed with flying colours!

Since then, I’ve poured my heart and soul into Tweak so active women can focus on their workouts instead of their underwear.