Affiliate Program


The Brief

Tweak is going to change the sports lingerie landscape globally. With 1000s of fans and an ever-expanding customer base, we’re aiming to become every sport lover and fitness fanatics go-to G-string.

In addition to producing underwear that has 5-star reviews, we’re also on the path to educating women about hygiene (and how your underwear plays a vital role), socially conscious through supporting important initiatives, and sustainable in both material and the manufacture of Tweak.

So, we’re turning to you – key opinion leader and social influencer, to educate and convert your fan base and our target customers. Sharing with them the importance of wearing hygienic and comfortable underwear when working out, or taking a rest day.

Tweak is your new partner.

The Core Concept

Important things to convey:

The product/fabric

Leading the way, Tweak ventilated sports underwear dissipates heat and moisture to keep you fresh, cool and dry even during intense effort.

This smart technology inspired the creation of Coolon active cooling technology with motion-activated fibres moisture-wicking protection - the harder you go, the better it works and the cooler you feel. Coupled with the environmentally sustainable bamboo gusset to keep your most precious parts well protected.

Key highlights

  • Hygienic and breathable Coolon fabric outer
  • Sustainable and moisture-wicking Bamboo inner
  • Chafe-free
  • No more vpl (visible panty line)
  • Seamless
  • Long lasting
  • Fits all shapes and sizes
  • Designed by a female athlete


“Tweak’s superior G-strings are perfect for all shapes and sizes. Designed by a female athlete for the active women our thongs are seamless, moisture-wicking, and durable. Perfect for working out, or relaxing at home.”

“Tweak’s high-performance G-strings are ultra-comfortable, quick-drying, and super stylish."

Perfect as a sports thong or to wear on your rest days.”

“Tweak have created high performance underwear that can keep pace with your active lifestyle whether it be working out at the gym, hiking in the mountains, or even dancing at the club. Our thongs are ultra-comfortable, quick-drying, and stylish, and are completely seamless meaning no more nasty chafe, or visible panty line (VPL).”

To share

  • Tweak’s ever-growing options when it comes to colour;
  • Our sales options: singles, 4-pack bundles; subscription service;
  • The fit and feel when wearing Tweak;
  • How Tweak can change your life.

 A few guidelines

Tweak hashtags to use:

#tweak #tweakmeonline #lifewithstrings

Photography requirements:

You will be provided with a brief each month on the products that you have been sent. This will include example captions and key messages that are required.

  • The Tweak products must be visible in all published content;
  • Should you photograph/film any content yourself, there must not be any other sporting brand visible in the post;
  • When shooting please stick to non-branded garments.

    Why you?

    Our influencers are active individuals with a passion for fitness and sports.

    Perhaps you’re a fitness fanatic, who lives and breathes sports, fitness and all things active. Or perhaps you live an all-round healthy lifestyle and have integrated sports and fitness into your life.

    You have been chosen because we believe you embody the Tweak ethos.

    You are healthy, motivated, positive, and inspire others.

    What’s in it for me?

    You’ll get 15% commission on all purchases (not included in discount code) whist working with Tweak on our journey to change women’s lives when exercising.

    Plus, you’ll get access to pre-launch opportunities to promote to your followers, family and friends.

    I’m interested, now what?

    Complete the form below and we’ll review your application as soon as possible.

    Once you’ve been approved we’ll send you an email with login details and guidelines for posting plus your unique promotion link.

    Once you’ve posted and your fans start to purchase Tweak, you will be paid commissions on a monthly/fortnightly basis.

    Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at